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Smoke weed

this is what hagaure looks like in canon no joke



Yasuhiro "smonk weed evryday" Hagakure is know as "Super High-school weed" and is part of the cast of the first Dangan Ronpa game. He is one of the six surviving cast members at the end of the game. he loves to smoke weed everyday


Hagakure is marginally older than the rest of the cast due to apparently being held back three years of school. He dresses in a very laid-back fashion with a loose orange shirt under a white jacket with rather short sleeves and a dark green jacket hanging off his shoulders. He has high-waisted, three-quarter length pants and wears thongs on his feet. His hair is weed


Hagakure is very laid-back and not very bright. He appears to have a fear of ghosts. he smokes weed everyday and gave the rest of the cast weed so dangan ronpa was just one big weed party and it was awesome 


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Other InformationEdit

  • Out of the predictions Hagakure makes during the game, both of them come true in at least one ending. He predicts that he and Naegi's children will share the same mother, in the Bad End it appears that Aoi is the mother of the children that look like Naegi and Hagakure respectively. At the end of the third case, Hagakure predicts there will be no more murders and technically he is correct as the remaining deaths are: a suicide, a re-used corpse and an execution.

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